Sunday, 21 June 2015

Wooden filigral from Gomel (video and many photos)

Unique Belarusian machinery of the woodwork - wooden filigree, or as it is called - Sozh filigree. Lace pattern is laid out by chips of different wood. An ancient technique used in the XV century to decorate the icons, it was forgotten until 1990, when the master from Gomel, Vladimir Tsikunov, revived this art. This method of decoration is also called "The Belarusian filigree", "Gomel Filigree", "Sozh filigree", "Tsekunov's filigree" or simply "Tsekunovka". The price can go up to several thousand dollars, by the way. Works by Vladimir Tsikunov are in the collections of many influential people such as politicians and cultural figures (Queen Elizabeth II, the Pope, Vladimir Putin, Alexander Medvedev, and others).
Gomel master died in 2008, but his art lives in the disciples, following the work of some of them. Gomel filigree is a unique phenomenon, the only school in the world is located in my hometown and there is a great reason to be proud of Belarusians who have the talent and the creative spirit at the genetic level.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pilgrimage to Budslav

The National Sanctuary in Budslau occupies the central part in life of the Catholic Church in Belarus. The Icon of the Mother of God of Budslau —Patroness of Belarus — as a miracle-working relic was mentioned for the first time in 1617. The main feast is observed on July 2nd. 

Foot pilgrimage (piligrimka) begins these days in Belarus. Catholics (over 40 000 every year) hurry in Budslav, they want to worship the  the Mother's of God holy icon.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hurricane in Gomel

I'll just leave it here.
Only half an hour ... It lasted only half an hour ... but it was scary.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Flashmob in Gomel

Graduates from the school №12 danced in the streets. Maybe someone will say that they are not always dancing in unison. But I will answer that they're not professional dancers, they're just teenagers and their teacher. They have done a great and fun video and they will be happy to see this film many years later, with their children and grandchildren. And a good mood will come to all. And this is the most important thing, is not it?
When I watched this video, I remember my prom. You know, these students have done everything to make their holiday memorable for years to come. I envy them a little))
P.S. Graduates in Belarus wear bright ribbons over the shoulder. The most popular colors of red and blue (sometimes white - for teachers).

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Minsk photos. Part 1

I'm starting to publish works of the Belarusian photographer Victor Grinkevich. You will see Minsk - modern buildings, old streets and attractions, flowerbeds and landscape design, vacationers citizens of Minsk. All the photos are different. I hope you can learn more about the city.