Saturday, 4 July 2015

Krambambulya - Dolce Vita

This song became popular almost immediately after the broadcast. I heard this song on the radio, and on television and in the pages of social network.

Description of the song.
The guy wanted to live a beautiful life, but  there was nothing beautiful around him, only gangsters and police. His chief is always scolded,  and  his wife kicked  guy out of the house. Son got the lowest mark. His lover and his wife were far from the girls of Playboy.... In general, life was dull and uninteresting. And the man dreamed of la dolce vita. 
Where are you, dolce vita? Where is tequila, margarita where, where?
Once his friend got a photo, there are two beautiful blonde hugging a hero and there were the ocean and palm trees on the background of photo. But the hero wrote that he was tired of the good life, and he misses his chief's cry))

There have been several cover version of this song, I'll post the best)))

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