Sunday, 30 August 2015

The magic of weaving from Neglyubka

These photos were taken from the site

I invite you to enjoy the art and skill of weaving from Neglyubka again. Craftsmanship, bright colors, folk traditions are combined in a rushniks. It is truly a masterpiece!
The pictures were taken during the festival "Krosentsy" in Vetka.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Mission Impossible 5. Funny moments

Yesterday I was in the cinema, I watched a new movie with Tom Cruise. This film shows a week in Belarus, but I could not get to the premiere. Finally it happened yesterday.

The audience began to laugh with the first frame of the movie. We saw a green field, forest and the inscription on the screen: Minsk, Belarus. Oh yeah! Our Minsk is a small town with no houses and no streets. And there are no people, too. Only the airfield)))

Then we began to laugh even more. One of the heroes hardly understands the control program of the aircraft, because the program is in Russian.. It turns out that the modern spy speak and read English only)))

Of course, the "Belarusian chemical weapons" appears in the frame. After the movie "Swordfish" This caused a new wave of laughter in the hall. And the letters !!! These weapons should be marked only in the Cyrillic alphabet. By the way, these letters are now our internet meme)))

In general, thanks to the film's director for the opportunity to make fun of Hollywood cliches!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

In Belarus the weather is hotter than in Algeria!

I'm just going to show you two forecasts today. The first is the weather in Belarus. The second is the weather in Algeria. You can make your own conclusions.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Autumn Minsk. Timelapse

I know that August is just beginning. But the temperature outside 33 and I'd like coolness. Let this video will become a small source of coolness for you!
 Post Scriptum. The video (not mine) was shot in the summer and early autumn.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Fyodor Machnov. The tallest man on the Earth

Many photos!!!
Fyodor Machnow, is the tallest person on Earth. 137 years ago in the ordinary Belarusian village Kostyuki was born the tallest person on the planet Earth. The growth of Fedor Machnow was 285 centimeters. "Calendar 1905" said: “In order to have an idea about the extraordinary growth of this giant, it is necessary to say that his high boots reach the waist of an ordinary mortal, and a 12-year-old boy can fit in them quite freely with his head.” It’s about Fyodor Machnow – the tallest man on the planet Earth, who was born in a small village Kostyuki that is in Vitebsk region. It happened on June 18, 1878.

Fyodor was the firstborn of a young peasant mother, who died in childbirth. Fyodor was raised by his grandparents. Initially, Fyodor was a usual kid, the same as his peers. But somewhere at the age of 8 Fyodor began to rapidly grow and gain strength.