Sunday, 11 October 2015

Election Day in Belarus

The presidential election is underway in Belarus, BelTA informs. The electoral register comprises over 6.9 million voters, including more than 5,700 outside Belarus. Polls will be open from 8h00 till 20h00. 

Four candidates are running for the post of the President of Belarus: Sergei Gaidukevich, Tatiana Korotkevich, Alexander Lukashenko and Nikolai Ulakhovich.

Their names in the alphabetic order are given in ballot papers distributed among people who come to the polls. The ballot paper contains the rules to fill it in properly. Each ballot paper should be signed by at least two members of the precinct election commission. Ballot papers also contain the candidates' date of birth, profession, position, occupation, employment and residency and party membership. 

There is an empty box to the right of each entry. There is also a ballot choice “none of the above”. The voter takes the ballot paper to one of the booths, which are screened to ensure secrecy. The voter puts a mark in the box next to the name of the person he/she wants to vote for. In order to vote against all the candidates, it is necessary to mark the box “none of the above”. Over 7 million ballot papers have been printed in Belarus for the election. The number of reserve ballot papers should not exceed 5% of the voters. They have been distributed among polling stations. If the ballot paper is spoiled, the voter has the right to ask for a new one. The spoiled ballot paper does not count. Apart from that, ballot papers are considered invalid if they differ in size, color and quality of paper or if they lack signatures of members of the precinct election commission. Ballot papers are also considered invalid if they contain marks in more than one box or have no marks at all. This election campaign people with visual impairments are able to vote without another person's help. Polling stations have been equipped with special voting devices. 

The results of the election are announced by the Central Election Commission not later than 10 days after the voting is held. The president election is recognized as valid if more than half of eligible voters take part in the polls. The head of state is recognized as elected if he/she receives more than half of the votes. The Central Election Commission provides mass media with the results of the country's main electoral event not later than three days after the protocol on the results of the election is signed.


  1. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. I think it is great that there is an option for 'none of the above'. We are going through an election period here in Canada as well.