Sunday, 17 January 2016

Cyclones Emma and Daniella seized Belarus

I will not lie if I say that my country has been completely captured by snow cyclone. Yes, there was a big snow these days. But it is usual for the winter, is not it? people are accustomed to snowless winter, but this year is not like the year before. 

There was a lot of snow but the people in Gomel quietly doing their job. The first time I took my new white umbrella in the snow these days. It was very warm and cozy under my big umbrella. Yes, I know that there was no electricity in the villages. But rescuers and emergency services  help people. 

January 16, I went to school, like I go to school every morning. There was one slight difference: my feet sank into the ankle-deep drifts. But road services cleared the streets  in a few hours.

Also my students were very happy. They run and play in the street between lessons. They came to the school in wet cloth from the snow and their eyes shone with happiness. I think: this winter is needed each year)))

And Gomel has become a very beautiful and festive after cyclones. These are photos "Gomel after the cyclone." They are taken from site

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