Friday, 15 July 2016

A moment of happiness! or Swimming in a puddle

Hurricane was in Minsk region on July 13. Minsk suffered greatly: the streets were flooded, trees fell, the electricity was turned off. The consequences of the hurricane have been eliminated more than a day. I already wrote about the bad weather and its consequences in my blog. But this post will be very special. 

A funny picture appeared on the Internet. The boy is bathed in a huge puddle in the yard. Yes, you can say that there are a lot of bacteria in the dirty water and the boy's mother is not looking for the child. Yes it's true. I really hope that the child is not sick. But he will remember this day as the happiest childhood memory)))

Remember your childhood. You will always obey your parents? You've never done anything stupid? Every child has some funny memories of the actions taken in secret from his parents. Remember your childhood. And smile))

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