Saturday, 22 October 2016

Pesniary - Bila dziewku mati ( The Mother beated the Girl)

Do not be alarmed the name of the song. This is comic and funny folk song)). I will describe its plot.

A mother learns that her daughter meets with the young man in the evenings. The young man is going to become a soldier. The mother don't like the choice of his daughter. The young man is poor and does not have his own house. But the daughter says that she loves the young soldier. She is ready to live without money, because love is the most important thing in the whole world.

However, his mother was right. The young soldier was married and did not say the girl about this.


  1. Hey ! I love your site very much and your articles are very instructive! I'm trying to learn Russian by myself and discovered your site with the lyrics you posted of Angelina Pipper's song ^-^
    I'd just want to help with some mistakes I can see in your english if you don't mind (I'm not a native speaker either, but that's the only thing I can do to help so, hey !)
    - her daughter meets [a] young man
    - the mother [doesn't] like
    - the choice of [her] daughter
    - howether [her] mother was right

    I didn't understand a word in the song. The only thing I got was what was written at the trial of the mother, thanks to google translate xD
    But thanks to your resume I got the point of the song !
    Oh also, is мацi a nickname ? o.o

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. oops ... Thank you very much for your help! Маці is "the mother". I should write this word with a lowercase letter, right?